About Us

Platinadora Baja was founded in 1996 and is located in Tijuana, Mexico less than 10 miles from the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa border crossings. We started out in a 16,000 sq. ft. building providing the Maquiladora Industry with 8 different plating finishes. Since then, we have expanded our facilities to 6 industrial buildings with a total combined production area of approximately 200,000 square feet.

We currently offer our more than 100 customers on both sides of the border a vast array of in house finishes and services that include over 20 electroplating finishes as well as powder coating, liquid paint and Zinc Die Casting. Our work force has grown from 30 employees in 1996 to over 800.

This incredible growth has been possible only because all of our customers view us more as a strategic partner than a vendor. We have earned our customers’ trust and friendship by consistently providing them with a quality service on a timely manner at a competitive price.

We are 100% committed in complying with all the local and federal environmental regulations. To be able to do this, we have done considerable investments in our waste treatment system, which includes top of the line monitoring equipment and air scrubbers which help us keep the environment clean. Currently we offer a great variety of RoHS compliant finishes like Zinc, trivalent chromate conversion and passivates, lead free tin, etc.
We would like to extend you an invitation to visit our facilities and discover why Platinadora Baja is the region’s #1 metal finisher and Die Caster.

Our Certifications

Platinadora Baja is ISO certified 9001:2015 and ISO certified 14001:2015, these certifications prove our commitment to provide our customers with high quality processes and our commitment to preserve the environment.

Our Social Responsibility

Platinadora Baja as a socially responsible enterprise has established a purchasing policy in which only conflict free chemicals and metals are purchased and demands all our suppliers to certify that all their products origin from a certified source.
Platinadora Baja dedicates resources to monitor personnel health, provides all safety equipment needed to perform all work activities and at the same time measures and keeps a safety working environment in all its facilities.

Inclusion and Diversity

Platinadora Baja opens its doors to customers, suppliers and employees without any distinction of race, religious beliefs, political affiliation and sexual preferences.

Our Labor Responsibility

Platinadora Baja, S.A. de C.V. strictly prohibits and rejects any form of labor abuse such as child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, sex work or prostitution, modern slavery practices and any other kind of abuse to domestic, foreign or immigrant workers. Platinadora Baja, S.A. de C.V. relationship to workers comply with all local and Federal labor legislation including all benefits stated by law such as but not limited to: Fair wage rates, Social Security, Housing, Retirement, overtime rules and fares, etc. All employee aspirants must bear legal documents or permits that allow them to work in the country, no fees are charged, and no original documents are to be withheld from the worker during the recruiting process or labor relationship.

Our Environmental Commitment

Platinadora Baja is ISO 14001:2015 certified and complies with all local and federal regulations.
As proof of our constant commitment to conserve our natural resources free of pollutants, we have very tight wastewater discharge procedures, which work under the treated batch system. All waste water is neutralized and treated where it is originated and then passed through our state-of- the-art waste treatment plant for solid separation.
The effluents continue to our high-capacity containers where it is held until tested for all regulated substances. Once we are 100% positive that the wastewater complies with local EPA regulations we proceed to discharge to the sewer. Using this method we are guaranteed that NOT A SINGLE DROP OF WATER is poured into the sewer SYSTEM before being treated, analyzed and certified as a non pollutant product. All discharges are logged and records kept as proof of compliance.

Conflict Minerals

Platinadora Baja has a purchasing policy restriction for metals originating in countries designated as Conflict Mineral Countries, which is publicized in all purchase orders as follow: The supplier must certify that all minerals sold to Platinadora Baja are not sourced from a country in conflict, like the Democratic Republic of Congo. Minerals should be designated as conflict free and smelters be compliant to the CFS protocol (Conflict Free Smelter).

Our Goals

Over the years we have consolidated ourselves as the preferred plater for customers in this region and gained a strong reputation as a strong and reliable business partner.
Our goal is to increase this customer approval and satisfaction and to consolidate our presence as the strongest supplier for the commercial, automotive, medical, aerospace and military sectors.


In order to ensure high quality products we rely on a strong team of chemical engineers and a state of the art laboratory with different tools for measuring plating thicknesses and process control. Following is a list of some of our equipment:

  • Two Top of the line XRF machines capable of measuring all plating thicknesses with solution analysis capabilities
  • Atomic Absorption Machine
  • Handheld Eddie current probes to aid line operators achieving required thicknesses
  • Adhesion/Solderability testing equipment with aging capabilities
  • Spectrophotometers and Colorimeters for solution analysis and wastewater control
  • Temperature-Humidity Chamber
  • Salt Spray Chamber
  • Taber Abrader Abrasion Testing Machine