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In addition to our 3 semiautomatic lines, we have 15 100% manual lines, which combined enable us to produce a wide variety and high volume of parts at the same time, ensuring high quality and a fast turnaround service to all our customers. In many cases delivering finished parts more than once a day.

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Benefits of platinum plating

Plating provides a protective coating against corrosion, moisture, oxidation, wear or contact with chemicals.
Depending on the material used, plating improves the electrical or thermal properties of the substrate.
Platinum plating provides an aesthetic appearance with shiny, satin or colored finishes.
It also facilitates welding processes by providing a more receptive surface.

Over the years we have become experts in several plating finishes.

Currently we can apply our finishes over the following substrates:






Stainless Steel


Plastics (ABS, ABS-PC and composites: Peek and Ultem))

Experts in Plating
Since 1996

We use high quality current rectifiers, which enable us to control and monitor  all plating variables to maintain consistency and quality.

What are the characteristics of plating?

The plating processes are automatic or semi-automatic to obtain a high volume of parts with the same characteristics, high quality and durability.

Additional Process

We currently offer the following finishes, most of them in both barrel and rack:

Other services

Beyond providing top-notch plating services, we also excel as a die casting supplier, offering precision powder coating services and CNC machining services. Reach out to us today to receive a personalized quote for the service that best suits your needs. Let's bring your projects to life!

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What is platinum plating?

Plating is a process of coating or plating a thin layer of a metal onto the surface of a substrate or base in order to improve the properties of the substrate or base. The objective of plating is to improve the properties of the substrate, such as corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, aesthetic appearance or to provide other specific characteristics.
Plating is used in different industries, such as automotive, electronics, manufacturing, among others, to improve durability and give different properties to manufactured objects.

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