Zinc and Aluminum Die Casting Services

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As part of our strategic plan as well as our commitment and effort to continue to offer our customers a better service, we built a state of the art zinc and aluminum die casting plant in 2016.

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What is die casting?

Die Casting is a process for mass production of metal parts. To do so, high pressures are used to force the molten metal from a crucible into a metal jacket and then inject it into a preformed mold or die. Finally, when the part in the mold cools and solidifies, it is demolded, with great uniformity, good finish and precision. Most of the parts manufactured by die casting do not require machining for final finishing, and parts of different specifications, sizes, shapes and weights can be obtained.

State of the art Die Casting Facility

Our Die Casting division is in the same industrial park as our plating and powder coating facilities. This ensures an on time delivery of the finished product to our customers. Our 75k sq ft. building houses the following equipment.

Zinc (Hot Chamber)

  • 3 Techmire 22NT 8 Ton Multi slide machines

  • 2 Techmire 44NT 8 Ton Multi slide machines

  • 2 Techmire 66NT 8 Ton Multi slide machines

  • 4 Frech DAW200F 200 Ton machines

  • 1 LK DC160 160 ton machine

  • 3 Producer 150 Ton Conventional zinc machines

  • 2 Frech DAW 150 Ton Machines

Aluminum (Cold Chamber)

  • 2 IDRA 560 Ton Machines (Fully Automated)

  • 1 IDRA 700 Ton Machine (Fully Automated)

  • 1 LK 400 Ton Machine (Fully Automated)

Other equipment

Other Services

We also offer vacuum impregnation and leak testing for castings. This process consists of filling porosity voids with a chemically and resistant polymer sealant. The resin is cured in the last step of the process which turns it from liquid state to a solid polymer.

In addition to our in-house services such as CNC machining services, chrome plating services, and powder coating solutions, we have created strategic partnerships with a metal stamping company, a metal forming, cutting and welding company and a precision machining company. With these strategic partnerships, we may be able to offer you a packed, complete and finished product delivered to your door.
Our trucks can pick parts anywhere in Mexico and the U.S.

Our Import/Export department will take care of all paperwork needed to cross the border, along with export insurance and any duties that may be due. All this is included in our price. If you are one of our U.S. customers all you will ever see is an invoice for our metal finishing services.

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